Akamai Marketplace

Akamai Marketplace Customer FAQs

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Akamai Marketplace.

What is the Akamai Marketplace?
The Akamai Marketplace is the easiest way to try and buy Akamai products. In the Akamai Marketplace, you can explore and learn about products, initiate a free trial, and purchase Akamai products instantly.

How do I find the Akamai Marketplace?
You must have a current Akamai solution in order to access trials in the Akamai Marketplace. As a customer, to find the Akamai Marketplace, simply log into the Luna Control Center and look for the Marketplace link in the top right corner.

What can I do in the Akamai Marketplace? 
In the Akamai Marketplace, you can:

  • Learn about products, their benefits, and how they work.
  • Start a free trial instantly.
  • Purchase and use products immediately.

How do I start a trial from the Akamai Marketplace?
You must have a current Akamai solution in order to access trials in the Akamai Marketplace. Any user with a technical role may start a trial in the Akamai Marketplace.

Will I require help from the professional services team to set up the service during a trial?
Products in the Akamai Marketplace are completely self-serviceable; so you will not require Professional Services to setup a trial. Additionally, there are troubleshooting tips to help you along the way. However, you are always welcome to reach out to your account team for assistance.

What products are available in the Akamai Marketplace and does each product offer a free trial? 
We are always adding new products to the Akamai Marketplace. All products in the Akamai Marketplace are designed to accompany your existing Akamai solution and work in concert with other Akamai Intelligent Platform capabilities. The products available to you will depend on your current Akamai solution. There are three types of products available in the Marketplace: Try-and-Buy, Buy-Only, and Free.

How do I make a purchase from the Akamai Marketplace? 
During the purchase process, you will be asked to select a 'purchase approver'. You can select yourself as the purchase approver and can then authorize a purchase of the product.

Is there any paperwork required to start a trial or purchase a product or service from the Akamai Marketplace? 
No, the paperwork process (both for trial and for the purchase of the service) is completely automated. No manual intervention is required.