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Defense in Depth. Security at Scale.

Today’s cloud security professionals are faced with persistent attackers, sophisticated bots, and advanced command & control software, along with an enterprise perimeter that is increasingly difficult to enforce.

As the most scalable cloud security platform, Akamai provides defense in depth with our adaptive threat protection, helping you evolve toward a zero trust architecture and protecting you from the largest and most sophisticated attacks.

Now you can understand how attackers identify and take advantage of vulnerabilities throughout your infrastructure and enterprise with a platform that protects your sites, applications, users, and data.

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Eight Key Areas You Need to Protect

Your Business

Bot management doesn’t need to be a full-time job — preventing costly credential stuffing attacks can improve user experience and can give your business an edge


Ensure your APIs are protected from the same threats as your website

Web Applications

It is critical to protect web apps against denial of service attacks, web application attacks, and bot attacks

Data Centers

Your Internet-facing assets including your network bandwidth, applications, servers, and IoT devices are at risk of denial of service attacks and malware

DNS Services

Your authoritative DNS needs to be available 24/7, yet is subject denial of service attacks, forgery, and manipulation

Enterprise Applications

Provide secure access to enterprise applications, while protecting end users from advanced threats and ensuring data is not exfiltrated over rDNS

Akamai's Adaptive Threat Protection

Cloud Security at Scale.

  • Brochure: Cloud Security Solutions
    Protect your organization, customers, and employees from ever-evolving cyber threats with Akamai’s cloud security solutions. Via 24/7 monitoring, we collect and analyze terabytes of attack data, billions of bot requests, and hundreds of millions of IP addresses to solidify your defenses and keep you informed.

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  • Cloud Security Products
    Akamai’s security products safeguard your websites and other Internet-facing applications by extending the security perimeter to the edge of the network, protecting them from the increasing frequency, scale, and sophistication of attacks.

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