Cloud Security

Security threats may change, but our ability to stop them does not

Users expect the online experience to be always available and always secure — and for their personal and business assets to be safe. As more data and business processes move online, organizations are challenged to protect websites and infrastructure without sacrificing performance for security. Akamai brings content close to users by extending the security perimeter to the cloud to help protect against increasingly sophisticated web and data center attacks.

A Guide to Multi-Layered Web Security

Multi-Layered Web Security

Computing in the cloud changes everything for IT security. When securing websites and applications against cyberattackers, knowledge is your best defense.

Akamai Data Visualization Map

DDoS Radar

View the most recent 5,000 DDoS attacks mitigated by Akamai. Each DDoS attack source commands hundreds or thousands of DDoS bots. View attack activity worldwide in real time, including global sources, volume and targets.

Security Intelligence - Q2 2015

Akamai saw DDoS attacks more than double in frequency and increase in duration by nearly 20%. We've continued to analyze millions of web application attack triggers to give you the most common vectors along with two additional new vectors: Shellshock and cross-site scripting (XSS).

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    Akamai's reputation was earned by building the world's largest cloud-enabled delivery platform, backed by the most scalable, distributed security solution available. Learn more about Akamai's Cloud Security Services and how they can protect your business from the increasing risk of cyber attacks.

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  • Latest Threat Advisories

    Akamai's cybersecurity experts conduct research, digital forensics and post-event analysis on every major threat vector. These reports can help your organization make more informed, proactive decisions.

  • Security Commentary 

    Akamai’s security experts research and report on the latest threat vectors and methods for mitigating them. Stay abreast of latest security threats with our security advisories, podcasts and blog posts.

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    DDoS Protection requires another level of complexity to ensure critical web applications and operations are secure. A multi-faceted approach defends against the latest wave of attacks.

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  • Cloud Security Solutions to Secure Your Website and Data Centers

    Akamai Cloud Security Solutions help avoid data theft and downtime by extending the security perimeter to the edge of the network, protecting from increasing frequency, scale and sophistication of web and data center attacks.

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  • The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015

    Akamai's DDoS mitigation solutions received high marks for alert notification, response tactics, size and breadth of attacks against which it can defend, and defended network protocols and defense tactics prior to an attack, among other factors.

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