CDN Architecture

Network administrators today require a content delivery network architecture (CDN architecture) that can address the increasingly complex challenges of an evolving Internet.

In the past, CDN architecture has been essential technology for IT administrators seeking to deliver web content with greater speed, availability and performance. By caching content across geographically distributed servers in multiple locations, CDN architecture has helped to optimize delivery by filling requests from the closest server to any given user.

CDN architecture today must respond both to pressure from users who want faster access to content – especially mobile video – and to advances in technology that are making web content more complex than ever – from streaming media that causes pages to load more slowly to mobile devices that request incompatible content far from origin servers. To address these challenges and prepare for the next round of advances and web content, IT administrators need a next generation, future-proof CDN architecture. That's where Akamai enters the picture.

Akamai's next generation CDN architecture

Akamai is the leading provider of cloud services that help businesses deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. As the provider of the world's most highly distributed CDN, Akamai serves as much as 30% of all Internet traffic and delivers more than two trillion interactions each day. Akamai's CDN Internet solutions enable enterprises and network administrators to meet the demands of users and subscribers for fast, reliable and secure access to complex web content.

Akamai's CDN architecture is built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, a distributed network of servers and intelligent software that successfully manages the underlying complexities of online business. From device and format proliferation, to performance and reliability issues, to application and network security, the Akamai Intelligent Platform solves the challenges in delivering secure and high-performing user experiences on any device.

Solutions built on Akamai's CDN architecture.

Akamai helps to support and optimize CDN architecture with a broad range of CDN solutions.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions help to meet the demand for faster access to content on an ever-increasing variety of connected devices, providing a CDN architecture and CDN streaming server that offer unmatched capacity, scale and geographic reach.

Akamai Cloud Security Solutions help to defend CDN architecture, websites and applications from increasingly sophisticated threats, including DDoS CDN attacks.

Akamai Network Operator Solutions help to optimize traffic, build new revenue streams and reduce costs by minimizing the complexity and improving the efficiency of CDN architecture.