CDN Internet

The content delivery network, or CDN, faces increasing challenges today. Web content is larger and more complex than ever. Demand for online video is increasing with no end in sight. And user expectations for the quality of the online experience are at an all-time high. To compete in this environment, enterprises and CDN Internet administrators need a next generation CDN platform that can reduce the complexity of delivering web media while cutting costs, improving security and optimizing online experiences.

For many CDN Internet administrators, a state-of-the-art cloud CDN service is the answer to satisfying customer demand for fast, reliable and secure online experiences on any device. But building a CDN Internet solution from scratch is not an option for most network administrators. That's where Akamai's CDN Internet services can help.

CDN Internet Services from Akamai.

Akamai is the provider of the world's most highly distributed CDN. Serving up to 30% of all Internet traffic, Akamai has unparalleled experience in providing CDN Internet services and provides a range of CDN solutions to help enterprise IT administrators improve performance and profitability.

Akamai's CDN Internet technology is provided via the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the leading CDN cloud platform for delivering secure and exceptional user experiences to any device, anywhere in the world. Akamai CDN technology manages the complexities of doing business online with solutions that address device and format proliferation, application and network security, and performance and reliability issues.

Comprehensive CDN Internet Solutions

Akamai CDN Internet solutions include:

  • Media Delivery Solutions that help to deliver CDN video streaming, video on demand and large file downloads with the performance and availability users demand, and that serve as a CDN streaming server to improve delivery of online video.
  • Cloud Security Solutions that protect CDN Internet infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated threats like DDOS CDN attacks, while maintaining performance and availability of web content.
  • Aura Managed CDN Internet services that provide a highly scalable and turnkey CDN network on servers managed by Akamai experts. By letting Akamai handle management and maintenance of the CDN Internet infrastructure, system administrators can reduce cost and complexity while building new revenue streams with higher-tier packages and with the ability to offer CDN services directly to content owners.
  • Aura Licensed CDN Internet services that help deliver next generation IP video services to any device. Administrators can use licensed CDN Services to reduce costs by offloading traffic, controlling delivery and consolidating infrastructure.