CDN Network

The content delivery network, or CDN network, has played a critical role over the past two decades in delivering complex content to Internet users. Built on a web of a graphically distributed servers, a CDN network helps to improve the quality and accelerate delivery of content on the Internet by caching it in multiple locations and filling requests using the closest server. As the Internet has continued to evolve, the CDN network has had a large hand in helping to contain costs, enhance security, manage traffic and provide optimal user experiences.

Today, a number of technological developments pose new challenges for the CDN network. Page load times are being slowed by CDN video streaming. More dynamic sites are displaying complicated, non-cacheable content using complex logic. And mobile devices are requesting incompatible content far from origin servers. To address these issues, network administrators require a next generation CDN network to optimize content, increase performance and stay competitive. That's where Akamai can help.

Akamai's next generation CDN network

Akamai is the leading provider of solutions and services for the CDN network. As the builder and provider of the world's most highly distributed CDN platform, Akamai delivers more than two trillion interactions every day and serves up to 30% of all Internet traffic.

Akamai's CDN network is built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform, a distributed network of servers and intelligent software that manages the underlying complexities of online business. The Akamai platform is the leading cloud platform for providing secure and high-performing experiences on any device, anywhere in the world.

Solutions for CDN network administrators

To support the next generation CDN network, Akamai provides a wide range of solutions that include:

  • Media Delivery Solutions. Akamai media delivery solutions enable CDN network providers to satisfy the demand for higher throughput and faster access to content on an increasing number of connected devices. Media content delivery solutions provide reliable delivery of media content to a broad variety of network types—fixed and mobile – at varying connection speeds to ensure superior availability, reliability, scalability and reach.
  • Cloud Security Solutions. Security is a growing concern for CDN providers and Akamai's CDN cloud security solutions help avoid data theft and downtime by extending the security partner to the edge of network. Solutions include defense against CDN DDoS attacks and other increasingly sophisticated threats.
  • Network Operator Solutions. Akamai CDN technology enables network administrators to optimize network traffic, contain costs and capitalize on new revenue streams. By reducing the complexity of building and managing a CDN network, Akamai helps providers operate a more cost efficient network and take advantage of growth in traffic and new subscriber services. Akamai Aura Licensed CDN solutions enable next generation IP video services to be delivered to any device, and Aura Managed CDN solutions that enable providers to deploy a highly scalable, turnkey CDN.