CDN Platform

As the size and complexity of Internet content continues to increase, enterprises need a superior content delivery network platform (CDN platform) to deliver the online experience that users have come to expect.

The traditional CDN platform is becoming increasingly inadequate for the challenges posed by evolving technology. A rise in streaming media is resulting in slower page loads. Mobile users are requesting content that is further away from origin servers and that isn't optimized for their devices. And dynamic sites are employing more sophisticated logic to display complex rendering that can't be cached.

To overcome these obstacles and take advantage of the enormous market opportunities that the Internet offers, organizations need a next generation CDN platform that can improve performance, optimize content and provide the exceptional online experiences that will ensure competitiveness.

That's where Akamai can help.

Akamai's leading CDN platform

As the provider of a highly distributed CDN that serves up to 30% of all Internet traffic, Akamai provides a next generation CDN platform that helps administrators control costs, optimize network traffic and enable new revenue streams. Akamai's CDN platform and CDN solutions help providers operate a more cost-efficient network by reducing the complexity of the CDN platform and enabling it to interconnect across providers.

Akamai's industry-leading CDN platform is built on Akamai's Intelligent Platform, a distributed network of servers and intelligent software that delivers more than two trillion interactions daily. As the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device anywhere in the world, the Akamai Intelligent Platform offers the ubiquity needed to scale reliably and to quickly adapt changing conditions. Akamai's Intelligent Platform – and the CDN platform built on it -- successfully navigate the underlying complexities of online business – from application and network security, to device and format proliferation, to performance and reliability issues.

Solutions built on the CDN platform

Akamai provides comprehensive CDN solutions that enable network administrators to deliver higher quality online experiences.

  • Aura Managed CDN is a cloud CDN offering that provides a highly scalable and turnkey CDN service. This CDN solution lets network administrators deliver multi-screen video services and commercial CDN Services, relying on Akamai experts and infrastructure to reduce deployment time, upfront costs and the complexity of managing a highly sophisticated CDN platform.
  • Aura Licensed CDN solutions enable next generation IP video services to be delivered to any device. With this software-only CDN technology, a CDN provider can build and operate a highly scalable CDN and run it on commercial off-the-shelf hardware or on virtual machine environments.