CDN Server

A CDN server delivers rich media content—text, images, video, and audio—to Internet users via a content delivery network, also known as a content distribution network (CDN). These specialized servers, dispersed over a broad geographical range, accelerate content delivery by caching the content in multiple locations.

How Caching on a CDN Server Accelerates Content Distribution

When a CDN server caches content, it stores replicas of static text, images, audio, and video temporarily for easier access. Cashing isn't limited to one server, however. To ensure content is delivered as fast as possible, multiple servers throughout the network store content replicas. When a subscriber requests content, the closest web caching server fulfills the request. This saves time because the request doesn't have to travel to the content source farther away. By serving content directly to end users from the edges of the internet, CDN server caching also reduces traffic load on origin servers and network providers' core network infrastructure.

CDN server technology becomes even more critical as customers expect consistent, reliable performance of bandwidth-hungry rich media content anywhere, anytime, on any device. For example, video-on-demand (VOD) via mobile cloud computing is growing rapidly because of its "always on, always there" convenience. No longer are consumers willing to be restricted in where and when they consume video content.

The best solution for network service providers facing with rising consumer demands and increasing competition is to deploy their own CDN with embedded VOD server technology. By deploying their own rich media CDN, network operators can create new services and improve their ability to retain existing customers and win new ones.

CDN Server Solutions from Akamai

Today's network service providers are finding that deploying their own CDN server technology can increase subscriber loyalty and generate new business with value-added services like streaming video catalogues and mobile device detection and optimization. Akamai Network Operator Solutions enable operators to quickly and cost-effectively employ industry-best CDN server technology:

  • Aura Lumen is licensed CDN server software that you can run on commercial off-the-shelf hardware or virtual machines (VMs), thereby reducing costs and improving infrastructure flexibility. Aura Lumen's software components provide HTTP caching for content delivered across your network, along with traffic intercept and redirect to support offload from your core infrastructure.
  • Save upfront CAPEX costs and increase speed to market with Aura Spectra, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution where operators deploy CDN server technology in a secure cloud environment managed by Akamai.

Learn more about Akamai's CDN server solutions for network operators.