CDN Services

For network operators seeking to keep pace with the growing demand for streaming media and online video, managed content delivery network services, or CDN services, provide a cost efficient alternative to building a CDN from scratch.

Most operators today are finding that a CDN solution is fundamentally necessary for delivering the services required to stay competitive. Without a CDN, it's virtually impossible to satisfy consumer demand for a fast, secure, reliable online content experience on any device.

For network operators who want the core benefits of a CDN without the managements and capital costs of deploying their own network, Akamai offers a leading solution for managed CDN services.

Akamai's managed CDN services

As the world's most highly distributed CDN with the broadest service portfolio, Akamai serves 30% of all Internet traffic and has the deep experience to help operators deliver CDN services to their own customers.

Akamai Aura Managed CDN provides turnkey CDN services within a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With Akamai CDN services, operators can launch their own video streaming services and optimize their network for content delivery, while reducing deployment time and upfront costs. CDN services from Akamai enable operators to leverage Akamai CDN infrastructure and Akamai experts to deliver multi-screen video services or commercial CDN services for their customers, along with value-added services available only on the Akamai Intelligent Platform™. Additionally, operators can expand services and develop new opportunities without adding complexity to their infrastructure management or incurring significant capital expenditure.

Components of Akamai's CDN services solution

Akamai CDN services include three software components that provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Aura Edge eXchange (AEX) is a CDN solution that enables operators to deliver online video content and commercial CDN services to customers. Utilizing Akamai's proven technology and expertise, this SaaS solution enables operators to design and deploy CDN services quickly and to minimize upfront cost and complexity. Operators can make decisions about capacity and network deployment with a CDN infrastructure that is fully maintained by Akamai.
  • Aura Control System is a unified set of tools that enables operators to interface with the full suite of Akamai Network operator products. This solution allows operators to manage fault, configuration, accounting, performance and CDN security, and provides visibility over the network and CDN services for Aura licensed and SaaS products.
  • Akamai Federation enables operators to federate with the Akamai intelligent platform™, the largest distributed, cloud-computing platform in the world. Operators can use off-net federation to gain global delivery of their content with a single business agreement. And an overflow feature enables operators to handle on planned capacity needs for flash crowd events with redundancy and additional capacity.