CDN Solutions

Subscribers to a content delivery network (CDN) have increasingly high expectations for the quality of their online experience, and network administrators are looking for sophisticated CDN solutions to satisfy this demand. With the right CDN solutions, administrators can provide the broadcast quality experience users want while streaming video to any device, and deliver the higher-tier services and bundles that will increase market share and enhance profitability.

As the creator of the world's most distributed CDN – a network that handles as much as 30% of all Internet traffic – Akamai offers a variety of CDN solutions that enable the CDN provider to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the market today.

CDN solutions from Akamai

Akamai CDN solutions help network administrators manage a more cost-efficient network, increase security, capitalize on growth in traffic, develop new subscriber services and reduce the complexity of managing a CDN network.

Akamai CDN solutions include:

  • Media Delivery Solutions that provide high-performance, highly reliable HTTP delivery of streaming video, games, documents and other media content to a broad variety of network types.
  • Cloud Security Solutions that protect the CDN against DDoS CDN attacks and other threats that are increasing in sophistication and scale.
  • Aura Licensed CDN, a licensed suite of administrator CDN solutions that enable next generation IP video services to be delivered to any device. With Aura Licensed CDN solutions, administrators can build and operate a highly scalable CDN architecture that uses a common HTTP caching infrastructure to efficiently deliver its own content and content from Akamai customers and other targeted OTT services.
  • Aura Managed CDN cloud solutions, offering highly scalable, turnkey CDN solutions that enable administrators to provide state-of-the-art services on CDN technology that is managed and maintained by Akamai. With Akamai's managed CDN solutions, administrators can deliver multi-screen video services and commercial CDN services, allowing Akamai's experts and proven technology to provision and deliver content with superior scalability, reliability, availability and reach.

The technology behind Akamai's CDN solutions

Akamai CDN solutions are powered by Akamai's Intelligent Platform, the leading cloud platform for delivering secure, high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere in the world. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is a distributed network of servers and intelligent software that delivers more than two trillion interactions every day. Efficiently managing the complexity of online business, Akamai Intelligent Platform constantly monitors Internet conditions to block security threats, provide instant optimization, deliver unprecedented business insight and make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge of network conditions.