Content Delivery Network

The content delivery network (CDN) was initially developed to deliver content with higher availability and performance. Using specialized and geographically dispersed servers, the content delivery network would accelerate delivery by caching content in multiple locations and fulfilling requests for content with the closest server.

But as content has become more sophisticated, the content delivery network is facing new challenges. Digital requirements, media streaming and the demand for video are negatively impacting page load times. Dynamic sites are using more complex logic to display complex rendering that can't be cached, and mobile devices are often farther away from origin servers and are requesting content that hasn't been optimized for them.

Evolution of the content delivery network

These changes and others are forcing content delivery networks to evolve. The next generation content delivery network must now include dynamic site acceleration for non-cacheable content, as well as front-end optimization of the code and code delivery. Content and systems are migrating from data centers to the cloud, creating new challenges for acceleration. CDN security is now front and center, especially for retail and financial services buyers. And more content delivery network providers are seeking analytics and monitoring capabilities in order to get a 360° view of customer experience in order to remediate issues and maintain performance. Clearly a new kind of content delivery network is required to meet these many challenges.

Akamai: premier content delivery network solutions

As the creator of the world's premier content distribution network, Akamai is a leader in providing next generation content delivery network solutions. Our content delivery network solutions include:

  • Aura Licensed CDN – a suite of operator CDN solutions to enable next generation IP video services delivered to any device. With Aura licensed content delivery network, an operator can build and operate a highly scalable media content delivery network, efficiently delivering content utilizing a common HTTP caching infrastructure. This software-only solution runs on Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware or Virtual Machine (VM) environments.
  • Aura Managed CDN – this CDN hosting solution provides a highly scalable, turnkey content delivery network through an infrastructure that is maintained by Akamai. Operators can deliver multi-screen video services and large objects as well as commercial CDN Services, relying on Akamai CDN experts and proven technology for content provision, delivery and reporting.
  • Media content delivery solutions – these HTTP-based media delivery services are optimized to meet the delivery needs of specific content types, including streaming media content and large file downloads delivered live and on-demand.