Content delivery

Content delivery providers face increasing challenges today. User demand for online content continues to grow along with their expectations for a fast, reliable and secure web experience every time users engage with a website or web application. But the complexity of content delivery has never been greater. Device proliferation, dynamically generated content, streaming video and mobile trends are creating a myriad of technical challenges for content providers.

The opportunity for revenue growth has never been greater as well. Content delivery providers who can overcome the technical challenges to offer customized services and quality experiences stand to dramatically increase profits and market share. For content providers seeking solutions for content delivery networks that can simplify management and improve revenues, Akamai has the answer.

Content delivery network solutions from Akamai.

Akamai is the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, with enterprise cloud computing solutions that make the Internet faster, more reliable and secure.

Akamai content delivery solutions are built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™, the largest and most advanced cloud-based platform for distributing and accelerating web content, applications and video. Serving more than two trillion Internet transactions daily, Akamai’s platform offers content providers significant advantage in performance, reliability, security and cost.

Akamai’s Aura Licensed CDN is a suite of licensed content delivery software that allows providers to deliver IP video services, enhance the quality of web experiences and reduce network costs. Aura Licensed CDN enables operators to efficiently deliver their own content along with online content from Akamai customers and other targeted OTT services using a common HTTP caching infrastructure.

With Aura Licensed CDN, content providers can:

  • Offer premium subscription content to many devices with multi-format HTTP video delivery.
  • Improve the customer experience with faster download speeds and access to a superior library of content, along with CDN streaming and mobile CDN services.
  • Drive revenue by upgrading subscribers to higher-tier packages and bundles.
  • Reduce costs by working with a single CDN infrastructure, localizing and offloading OTT traffic, and avoiding the cost of expensive proprietary hardware.

Managed content delivery network solutions from Akamai.

Aura Managed CDN is a turnkey content delivery network solution that leverages a CDN running on Akamai infrastructure to provide premium Internet, multiscreen video and other content delivery services. Akamai’s managed CDN enables providers to minimize deployment time and reduce up-front costs while simplifying management and reducing operational expenses. Akamai experts maintain and monitor the CDN 24/7, enabling content delivery providers to focus on growth opportunities rather than back-end infrastructure.

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