jQuery CDN

What is jQuery CDN

jQuery is the most widely used library of pre-built JavaScript functions. By simplifying the programming and execution of scripts that can be run by web browsers, jQuery facilitates the creation of dynamic, feature-rich web pages and web applications. jQuery is used by a wide variety of websites, web-based media services, and ecommerce and mobile commerce applications. For most types of sites and applications, making use of a jQuery CDN is the most effective way to leverage the power of jQuery.

Why Use a jQuery CDN

When processing an HTML page containing a script that utilizes jQuery, a web browser must first download the jQuery library file using a URL that's embedded in the HTML. Even when minified, the main jQuery library file is hefty (in excess of 80KB), particularly in the context of downloading to mobile devices over sluggish wireless networks.

One option for companies developing websites and applications that leverage jQuery is to serve the jQuery library files exclusively from a web server in the corporate data center. But for sites and applications that have large, dispersed user populations, a better option is to utilize a jQuery CDN (content delivery network) that caches the jQuery library files in a widely distributed network of servers that can be accessed by web clients. By serving the files to end users from locations closer to the users—rather than only from a single, far-off corporate data center—a jQuery CDN greatly improves the performance of web pages and web applications that rely on jQuery.

A jQuery CDN is especially valuable in the context of a mobile optimization strategy. By delivering superior jQuery mobile performance, a jQuery CDN can help your organization create dynamic, richly rewarding online experiences for users of smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Why Use Akamai as Your jQuery CDN?

Two reasons make Akamai the best choice for enterprises or content providers seeking the benefits of a jQuery CDN:

  • Akamai has the world's largest and most reliable CDN. Akamai's worldwide content delivery network spans more than 216,000 servers in over 1100 networks, in nearly 120 countries. 90% of internet users are a single network hop away from an Akamai CDN server. By using Akamai for your jQuery CDN, you ensure the best possible performance and highest reliability for your end users of jQuery-driven web pages and web applications.
  • Akamai offers comprehensive CDN services. When you partner with Akamai, you have access to comprehensive content delivery and acceleration services including our cloud-based, fully-featured media platform that supports video adaption and video optimization as well as leading edge initiatives like TV Everywhere. We also offer cloud-based solutions for mobile optimization, web security, and much more.

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