Media Streaming Software

Streaming video over the Internet is now a tremendous business opportunity, not only for the media and entertainment industries but also for educational institutions and for companies wanting to engage customers and prospects. Along with the opportunities, however, come steep challenges—particularly the complexities involved in delivering high quality video to an ever-growing number of device types.

Media streaming software is available to help with this challenge, but on-premise media streaming software comes with its own costs and difficulties. Along with the license costs and maintenance headaches, there's the challenge of using and integrating various media streaming software components in order to store, transcode, package, secure, and deliver video to your audience.

Many leading content owners, service providers, and enterprises have found that a much simpler and more agile solution is to use Akamai's cloud-based media streaming software solutions. Akamai's Media Delivery Solutions make it easy to deliver multi-format live or on-demand streaming video at any scale, to any device type, anywhere in the world.

Media Streaming Software Embedded in the World's Largest CDN

The Akamai Intelligent Platform is the world's largest content distribution network (CDN), coupling state-of-art web caching with routing and transport optimizations to accelerate the delivery of web content and applications to any type of connected device. On top of the Akamai Intelligent Platform with its 175,000 servers in more than 100 countries, Akamai's video CDN provides an overlay of media streaming software and related technologies to support end-to-end preparation and delivery of multi-screen streaming video.

Akamai's video CDN is a cloud-based, turnkey solution for:

  • Scalable online storage of video content
  • HTTP media delivery to fixed or mobile devices
  • Video transcoding and packaging to support multiple streaming protocols including HLS, HDS, Smooth, and MPEG-DASH
  • Content security and rights protection
  • Standards-based integration with advertising platforms to monetize your content
  • Comprehensive media analytics to help you better understand your audience and your video delivery performance

Benefits of the Akamai Media Streaming Software Cloud

By taking advantage of Akamai's media streaming software cloud—and our decade of media streaming experience—your organization can:

  • Reduce IT expenditures by avoiding the CAPEX and OPEX costs associated with purchasing, operating, and maintaining your own media preparation platform and media streaming server.
  • Simplify workflows and keep your focus on creating great content, while Akamai takes care of preparing your content for distribution to multiple device types.
  • Boost revenues by delivering a high quality video experience to your customers and prospects, regardless of where they are or what type of device they use.

Along with cloud-based media streaming software solutions, Akamai offers solutions to meet any of your other web content delivery needs—including web security solutions and solutions for mobile device detection and optimized delivery of mobile sites and mobile applications.

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