Streaming Media

With demand for streaming media growing rapidly, content delivery network (CDN) providers are seeking new media and video streaming services to help them meet the expectations of their customers. Users expect their streaming media to be available anywhere. They want to watch it on any device. They want high resolution, excellent picture quality, and they don't want to have to wait for it.

But finding media streaming solutions that can satisfy customers and keep pace with rapidly evolving content delivery technology isn't easy. The right streaming media solution must be able to scale to meet the challenges of larger online audiences. It must be able to adapt to changing network environments and deliver an optimal experience on any device. And it must deliver remarkable availability, because users won't wait around when streaming media is lagging.

For CDN providers who know that one wrong move in the streaming media space can have lasting impact on revenues and reputation, Akamai provides a leading high-performance solution.

Akamai's streaming media solution

Akamai Adaptive Media Delivery delivers streaming media with a high quality viewing experience across a range of network types at varying connection speeds. This powerful solution is optimized for a variety of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming formats, including Apple's HLS, Adobe's HDS, Microsoft's Smooth Streaming, and the MPEG-DASH format. With a 100% availability service level agreement (SLA), Adaptive Media Delivery also provides superior scalability, reliability and reach.

Streaming media with quality, reliability and proximity

This Akamai streaming media solution delivers:

  • Quality viewing experiences. We leverage the latest ABR technologies along with 15 years of expertise to ensure a smooth, high quality streaming media experience.
  • Reliability for capacity and scaling. Akamai has helped to provide streaming media for some of the world's largest online events, including events that have set benchmarks for online streaming capacity and scale. The ability to handle large volumes of traffic and to scale as needed is a critical part of a streaming media strategy for CDN services, because it's impossible to know where and when content may go viral.
  • Proximity to the audience. We have a broadly deployed network of edge servers and as many as 100 times more Points of Presence (POPs) than other global CDN providers. That allows us to locate servers closer to the audience, minimizing latency, congestion and packet loss in order to deliver the highest quality streaming media services.

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