Streaming video hosting

For content providers who want to deliver exceptional streaming media services but don’t want to build their own streaming media server and CDN from scratch, Akamai’s streaming video hosting solution is the answer.

User demand for online video and streaming services continues to grow rapidly. Content providers have discovered that a streaming server is no longer an option but rather requirement for any company that wants to maintain or increase market share.

But the complexity and sheer volume of streaming video requires sophisticated and leading-edge solutions that many providers simply don’t have the bandwidth or resources to build, manage and maintain. That’s where Akamai’s streaming video hosting solution can help.

Streaming video hosting from Akamai

Akamai’s Aura Managed CDN is a managed services solution for streaming video hosting and other streaming services on a CDN that is maintained and managed by Akamai experts. With Akamai’s managed CDN, content providers get a world-class streaming video hosting solution that can be implemented quickly and with less up-front cost, enabling them to move faster to take advantage of new revenue opportunities and increasing consumer demand for online video.

Streaming video hosting from Akamai enables operators to:

  • Offer premium subscription content and value-added services, leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ to provide content and streaming video beyond the reach of their own network.
  • Reduce costs with a turnkey solution that eliminates costly hardware, offloads OTT traffic and simplifies management of CDN infrastructure.
  • Minimize complexity with a managed services solution for streaming video hosting that is maintained and monitored 24/7 by Akamai experts.
  • Provide a richer online experience by extending video libraries, accelerating web content and streaming video to any device.

Components of Akamai’s streaming video hosting solution

Akamai’s streaming video hosting technology includes the following components:

  • Aura Edge eXchange (AEX) provides dedicated CDN capacity to enhance delivery of high-quality streaming video content. AEX accelerates design and deployment of a CDN, eliminating much of the up-front complexity and cost of CDN ownership. Content providers can make all the decisions related to capacity and deployment while offloading the management and maintenance of the CDN infrastructure to Akamai.
  • Aura Operator Portal is an analytics and reporting portal that content providers can use to monitor the performance and behavior of Akamai’s streaming video hosting services.
  • Akamai Federation the enables providers to leverage the Akamai Intelligent Platform to deliver their own content globally and provide additional capacity when unanticipated events such as “flash crowds” create cache overflows.

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