Community Involvement

Find out more about Akamai’s Internet and web community initiatives.

Web Performance Meet-Ups

The last few years have seen a surge of interest in Web Performance Optimization, with meet-up groups springing up around the world. Akamai sponsors several of these groups, to foster a community of like-minded people.


  • WebPageTest offers a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers, at real consumer connection speeds, along with advanced features like online video capture. Akamai hosts a test location to help support this service.

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Mobile HTTP Archive

  • The HTTP Archive is an important effort to characterize web content, helping us understand how website performance is changing over time, so that the industry can anticipate how to optimize websites. Akamai's Mobitest tool is also used to gather data for the archive's mobile-specific statistics.

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  • Show Slow is an Open Source tool that helps monitor website performance metrics over time. Akamai sponsors a public instance of Show Slow, so that those who want to understand how changes to their website affects performance can do so.

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Velocity Conference

  • Serving as a meeting place for the best and brightest, Velocity is the industry's premier conference for web performance and operations. Akamai is a regular sponsor, and you'll often see Akamai employees speaking about our newest web optimization innovations and insights at Velocity.

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HTTP/2 Participation

  • Akamai is working with the rest of the industry to develop the next version of HTTP, the web's core protocol, providing a faster and more efficient web.

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