Methodology and Data Collection

Akamai handles 15-30% of the world's total web traffic, providing a unique view into what's happening on the web. Our data visualizations provide a look into the world's online behavior at any given moment – the sheer volume of Internet data in play, the number and concentration of worldwide site visitors, average network connection speeds worldwide and more.

Active Streams: 

Akamai monitors the total traffic volume of "live streaming" and "on-demand" audio and video data across our network. 24 hour peak and average data points are displayed for "live streaming" and "on demand". Active Streams is measured as actual active streams being served. 

HTTP Hits per Second: 

Hits per Second Globally measures the number of raw requests received by Akamai servers from each major continental region. "Hits/sec. global", displayed at the top of the graph, is the cumulative number of hits, while the data points displayed vertically along the right are regional breakdowns. 24 hour data patterns as well as 24 hour peak data points are made available for each region. HTTP Hits per Second is measured in actual hits/sec. 

Visitors per Minute: 

Akamai estimates the number of visitors by formulating several factors including the number of connections, page views and unique IP addresses. Displayed in this interface is the data pattern over the last 24 hours, the current total estimated number of visitors per minute, along with the 24 hour peak and average. Visitors per Minute is measured in actual visitors/min.