Akamai University Badges

Open badging offers a new way to broadcast your certified skills and expertise. Our team of Akamai experts make it easy to manage, share, and verify your learning achievements that put you ahead of the competition. By using Acclaim’s labor market insights, badge earners can learn which skills are typically matched with their role in the industry.

Akamai University Open Badges recognize Foundational and Advanced learners on Akamai’s solutions and services. Badge earners distinguish themselves in the IT environment with the option to specialize in cloud security, web performance, and media delivery expertise. Our open badging program is powered by Acclaim, a digital recognition platform backed by Pearson.

What is an Open Badge?

  • Web-enabled token representing the certification of your achievement
  • ‘Open Badges’ refer to an open standard for recognizing and validating learnings led by Mozilla
  • Open badges contain metadata with skills tags and accomplishments
  • Can be verified in real-time
  • Digitally distributed, downloadable link

Badging Paths:

Badges are issued for all of the Akamai University courses on offer. For details on the badges we issue, check here.

How can you get a badge?

After taking an Akamai University class, you will be invited to complete a quiz on the materials you just learned. Upon passing the quiz, you will automatically be issued the badge corresponding to the course you just passed.