Global Training Solutions

Training and best practices for fully leveraging your Akamai CDN and cloud services solutions

Realize the full potential of your investment in the Akamai solutions. Let our experienced instructors take you through basics and best practices for our Media Delivery, Cloud Security and Web Performance solutions. Choose the teaching modality that works best for you. Whether you choose to attend an in person class, an online class or opt for a private on-site session, you will receive the knowledge to maximize your investment in Akamai.

  • Global Training Solutions
    We offer classes designed around Akamai Services: Web Performance, Media Delivery and Cloud Security. To see what the classes are all about, check out our agendas for the various classes.

    2 different Class Modalities:

    Classroom Training:

    • Face-to- Face classes
    • Held in multiple Akamai locations
    BEST FOR: Customers who are close to the training locations and want to benefit from live interaction in the classroom with instructors and their fellow students.

    Instructor-led Web Training:

    • The same great content as the normal face to face classes
    • Typically delivered in 4 hour increments over multiple days
    BEST FOR: Customers who want to save on travelling time and expenses and for those who cannot afford to attend class for a full workday at at time

    Certain Support and Service contracts already include free seats to Akamai University.

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  • Custom Onsite Training:

    • Scheduled on request
    • Tailored curriculum that suits specific customer requirements
    • Held at a customer’s location of choice
    BEST FOR: Customers who have a number of people to be trained (typically more than 5-6) and need to tailor the training curriculum to their solutions and participant’s knowledge.

    All Premium Support customers are entitled to one onsite training class per contract year.

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