Net Usage Index by Industry

The Net Usage Index by Industry enables users to monitor the world's online industry-specific habits 24 x 7

The Net Usage Index By Industry features:

  • Aggregate, real-time page views per minute for a representative set of global industry-specific sites
  • Industry-specific web traffic levels by continent over a 24-hour period
  • Historical data on industry specific growth and spikes by geography

Methodology and Data Collection

VM = Page Views per Minute Metrics Overview

V/M = measures current page views per minute* from aggregate retail sites (this number reflects the current rate in each geographic region)

% = measures the percent above or below the average of page views per minute for that time of day, and day of week, within each geographic region

* for each minute, Akamai is measuring the number of page views from retail sites during that minute

The World Automotive Consumption Meter