Cloud Monitor

Real-time monitoring and analytics for web, mobile, and API traffic

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The digital enterprise is here today, which means every organization is leveraging the Internet to conduct eCommerce, collaborate globally, support partners/suppliers, and connect employees – across a complex global network of devices, networks, and locations. In addition to facing challenges with the performance, reliability, and security, organizations are also facing challenges gaining visibility into the end-to-end performance characteristics and security posture of their online operations. 

Akamai’s Cloud Monitor service is a real-time, push API service that delivers critical transaction data from Akamai’s Intelligent Platform to your big data, analytics, or monitoring environments. Cloud Monitor provides real-time insight into a wide range of data captured as global users interact with your web properties - including basic transaction details, network and client performance metrics, security alerts, network stats, location data, and cookie information. The Cloud Monitor API feed can be integrated with your existing monitoring and analytics tools, or you can leverage out-of-the-box integration via Akamai’s partnerships with Splunk and SumoLogic.

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  • Gain real-time visibility into web, mobile, and API traffic 
  • Leverage partnerships with market-leading analytics solutions providers to easily ingest and visualize data 
  • Make business decisions based on real-time insights 
  • Monitor SLAs of all your origin environments 
  • Origin agnostic – gain insights regardless of where the web applications are hosted