Secure CDN

Enabling secure web experiences across the Internet

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We live in a world where providing a secure web experience is more important than ever due to the growing nature of cyberattacks and threats to websites. Not only do organizations need to focus on securing the physical network infrastructure where websites are hosted, but the connections used to deliver websites and applications to an end-user’s browser must be secured as well. To meet the demand for high-quality, secure web experiences, more online content is being enabled using SSL/TLS security standards, the building blocks of the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS-enabled websites provide authentication, encryption, and integrity protection of online communications between an end-user’s device and the origin infrastructure they are requesting content from.

Akamai’s Secure CDN offerings provide industry-leading security and reliability, a comprehensive portfolio of SSL/TLS certificate options with complete certificate lifecycle management, and the tools, systems, and expertise to meet the needs of every business.

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  • Reduce operational costs with Akamai’s complete certificate lifecycle management
    • Order and purchase certificates on behalf of customers
    • Add/remove domains on existing certificates
    • Automated renewal process
  • Speed time-to-market for new secure web properties with Akamai’s Certificate Provisioning System (CPS)
    • Enables customers to self-provision and manage their certificates via API or Portal
  • Improve online security posture and ensure online interactions with your end users leverage the highest levels of trust and availability

Key Capabilities:

  • Broad and robust compliance certification
  • Cloud-based private key management vault to ensure integrity of private keys
  • Smart software runs continuous, automated audits of CDN servers to ensure integrity of HTTPS handshakes
  • All traffic is secured end-to-end between the Origin, Akamai, within Akamai’s network, and to the client device
  • Partnerships and integrated systems with the leading Certificate Authority partners enables easy access to all certificate types
  • Network deployment features include SNI, timed deployment, change management approval, staging, and cipher selection
  • Akamai’s Secure CDN offerings run on Akamai’s globally distributed Intelligent Platform™, built to be fully fault-tolerant, automatically self-healing, and backed by a 100% availability SLA