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Enterprise Threat Monitor

This real-time visualization shows the malware, command and control, and phishing threats that Akamai is blocking for customers through its intelligent platform and unprecedented insights into DNS and IP traffic.

Enterprise Threat Monitor — Data Source Notes
What are the key features of this visualization?

This data visualization provides details on web threats that have been identified and blocked for Akamai customers using our Enterprise Threat Protector service. The data contains the total amount of threats blocked in the update interval, broken out into a subset of the malware categories identified by Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector.

How is this data categorized?

The data sent is broken into three main categories of Enterprise threats: malware, command and control, and phishing. Details on the potential threats such as the source and destination, as well the time the request was detected, are also used to categorize and visualize the data.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated every 30 minutes with a five-hour delay. The delay ensures data accuracy and reduces the load on the reporting system used as the source.

How do we calculate the metrics on the visualization?

Bar Charts and Donut Charts

These visualizations show the total number of threats detected over the specified time period. The threats are color-coded by type and visualized based upon their share of threats.

Threat Trends Section

The charts below take a deeper look at the malware, command and control, and phishing threats detected over the specified time period. The bullet charts show threats per hour for each time period, the vertical white line is the all-time average for this threat, and the inner bar represents the average threats per hour. The sparklines show a linear trend for the threat type for the given time period.

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