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Sustainability at Akamai

Taking environmental action through program transparency, data, and partnership.

Emissions from worldwide online video streaming alone in 2018 were equivalent to more than 300 million metric tons of carbon, according to the Shift Project. That’s similar to carbon emissions from powering more than 50 million homes for one year. Akamai has made a commitment to reduce our emissions through platform efficiencies, data center partnerships, and renewable energy procurement. We recognize that in our role as the leading performance, security, and delivery provider, we share the responsibility for reducing the world’s carbon emissions.


Sustainability at Akamai


The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is responsible for the vast majority of the company’s total energy consumption and emissions globally. That’s why it’s also the primary focus of our greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation efforts. We focus on software and hardware efficiencies, responsible e-waste management, and the use of attested renewable energy wherever possible, in partnership with data center providers. Akamai also secures net-new renewable power to offset our global electricity load. We are committed to using all resources as efficiently as possible.



Building a long-lasting sustainability program begins with engaging our customers, employees, neighbors, and industry partners in the communities where we all work, operate, and live. Within Akamai, we invite employees, neighbors, and industry partners to join the sustainability conversation through global activations and volunteer opportunities. We extend our efforts beyond the company through public advocacy and partnering with sustainability organizations and like-minded companies to expand the benefits of a carbon-free internet.


Supply Chain

Akamai is committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with diverse and environmentally conscious suppliers, working together to address issues most relevant to the business of the internet. As we look to lessen our impact, we are committed to a deep and ongoing dialogue with our supply chain on managing their carbon footprint, making more sustainable product and packaging decisions, and partnering with industry organizations to green our industry and drive global change, together.



For Our Customers

Offering Sustainable Value in Your Supply Chain

Akamai recognizes that our customers’ use of our content delivery, performance, and security solutions contributes to their carbon emissions. We also recognize that customers are demanding improvements, and want to see evidence of them. We continuously make strides to reduce our environmental footprint and provide custom insights into customers’ emissions on our platform.

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