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Vizury serves up great experiences in 40+ countries


Akamai’s cloud-based architecture helped the online ad provider deliver consistently great experiences to users in over 40 countries

"Great user experiences help our customers maximize the results of their marketing investments. We needed a reliable, high-performance platform to deliver these experiences at scale, and Akamai’s Intelligent Platform meets this need."

Mansoor Alicherry, Vice President of Engineering, Vizury

Using the Cloud to Scale with Economy

An extensive vendor evaluation led Mansoor to select Akamai’s Web Performance Solution. A deciding factor was that in choosing Akamai, Mansoor could take instant advantage of its 2,000+ servers located around the globe. With more than 40 countries coming onto the Vizury platform, Akamai’s advanced security capabilities also put Mansoor’s mind at ease.

Rock Solid Results
      *100% uptime for its ad-serving platform
*Reduced latency by offloading 95% of Internet traffic at the origin

Rather than expanding on Vizury’s centralized data store, Mansoor worked with Akamai to adopt a distributed, cloud-based architecture. Almost overnight, Mansoor saw 95% of his ads move from the data center in Bangalore to the Akamai network. Suddenly, ads were closer to the end user and appearing without delay, ensuring that optimal user experience.

The Confidence to Keep Pace... and Win

Today, Mansoor is excited about Vizury’s expansion and his contribution to its success. He knows he can keep pace with each new market, adding capacity immediately to reduce latency and improve consistency as demand ebbs and flows. What’s more, Mansoor can do this without extra capital or diverting internal resources. With the backing of a 100% availability SLA, regardless of region or device, Mansoor can keep his promises to customers with confidence.

With Mansoor and Akamai now on- board, Vizury can focus on providing the best ad delivery to its customers. That puts them in a better position to win.

Infrastructure at the Brink

Mansoor Alicherry had pushed his infrastructure to the brink. As VP of Engineering for online ad platform Vizury, Mansoor’s task was to serve ads quickly to ensure a great online user experience. At the same time, Vizury’s looming expansion plans to 40-plus countries demanded Mansoor expand his infrastructure to match.

No Clicks, No Revenue

Seconds count in the online ad world. An ad insertion delay of even a few costs advertisers clicks. No clicks, no revenue.

Mansoor knew these delays would get longer as Vizury expanded. His content was physically far from the edge, so latency would increase as more countries came online. Expansion would also mean serving ads on a wider range of devices across a variety of network strengths.

At the time, Mansoor’s infrastructure served ads from a centralized data center. Adding capacity here would mean buying more bandwidth and new hardware, plus the months-long wait to go live. This option was not an option.

Mansoor needed a different approach. And he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

In choosing Akamai, Mansoor could take instant advantage of its 2,000+ servers around the globe.

About Vizury

Vizury is a leading digital CRM company headquartered in Bangalore, India. They help marketers optimize their marketing spends through their targeting platform by letting them have 1:1 conversations with their buyers. They are backed by leading VC firms from India, Singapore, and the Silicon Valley and work with leading marketers in the e-commerce, travel & leisure, banking, stock trading, financial services, dating, and automotive space amongst others.


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