Sustainable Office Practices

Akamai is improving efficiency and reducing consumption in our offices through sustainable building practices.

Akamai Sustainability Commitment Building Practices LEED

Akamai's ongoing effort to minimize our environmental impact extends to improving efficiency and reducing consumption in our offices.

Efficient Corporate IT

Akamai's corporate IT organization implements server and desktop virtualization that enables multiple applications to run on the same machine, significantly reducing the number of machines required. To date, we've decommissioned or avoided the purchase of more than 1,000 servers and desktops, saving more than $100,000 in annual energy costs, and more than $1 million in avoided server and desktop-related costs. Employees are provisioned with Energy Star-rated, low-power laptops, Macs, and monitors, significantly reducing office plug load. Finally, Akamai completed a project to replace our video conferencing and copier equipment that not only uses substantially less energy, but is much quieter, too!

Office Waste Minimization

Where supported by the property management company, Akamai’s leased offices have waste recycling programs. In addition to standard recycling, many of our offices also collect and recycle batteries and small electronics, compost organic waste, replace paper cups with mugs and glasses, and implement duplex printing.

Green Building and Leasing Practices

Akamai is committed to following sustainable building practices whenever we undertake renovations of our leased offices. Akamai’s brand-new 19-floor, 486,000 square-foot Cambridge, Massachusetts, headquarters – scheduled for occupation at the end of 2019 – will be LEED Gold certified.

Supporting employee health and well-being is also a top priority. The new headquarters is designed to the WELL Building standard, implementing specific ergonomic, air, water, and lighting operational requirements as well as other amenities designed to enhance our employee experience.

For its leased office spaces, Akamai has signed on as a principle signatory to the Sustainable Tenants’ Leasing Principles, an initiative of the Sustainability Roundtable, signaling to landlords and service providers that sustainability — energy efficiency, healthy workplaces, carbon disclosure, data collection and sharing, incentive alignment, and policy advocacy — is an important priority.