Akamai Executive Robert Blumofe

Executive Vice President, Platform & General Manager, Enterprise and Carrier Division

Robert Blumofe is Executive Vice President of the Akamai Platform organization and General Manager of the Enterprise and Carrier Division. As General Manager, he is responsible for the creation and sale of products and services to help carriers operate a high-performing and cost-efficient network, and for major enterprises to improve the performance, cost, security and efficiency of their networks and applications.

As Executive Vice President of the Akamai Platform organization, Dr. Blumofe is responsible for developing and operating the distributed system underlying all Akamai products and services. Dr. Blumofe also leads the teams responsible for the global strategy and deployment of Akamai's network infrastructure, as well as Akamai’s internal IT department.

Dr. Blumofe joined Akamai in 1999 to lead the Company's first performance team. Serving as one of Akamai’s chief architects, Dr. Blumofe was instrumental in the early design and development of the Akamai Platform, which now handles trillions of Internet requests daily. He has led all of Networks and Operations since 2004.

Prior to Akamai, Dr. Blumofe was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. He is widely published in the areas of algorithms and systems for highly distributed and parallel computing. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT and a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University.