Formation sur site personnalisée

Un programme universitaire sur mesure pour améliorer les services cloud d'Akamai

Cette formation personnalisée est dispensée à votre équipe par des spécialistes des technologies Akamai, directement dans vos locaux. La formation sur site personnalisée comprend des exercices pratiques ainsi qu'un examen de certification Akamai vous permettant de valider vos connaissances et de devenir vous-même un administrateur Akamai certifié.

Customer Testimonial

"I learned in 2 days more than I learned in 2 years about Akamai Technologies.  We’ve already identified areas where the performance can be improved using Akamai ION.”  Maryna Chysiuk , SONY Crackle

Is an Onsite Class for you?

If you have a number of people (typically more than 5 or 6), then it is more cost-effective to do an onsite class. You save on time and travel and you get to decide on the venue.

You also have the opportunity to customize the content of the class to suit your specific knowledge gaps. You can even choose to combine two classes into one by picking only the topics from each discipline that suit you. You could for example ask for topics in the Web Performance and Cloud Security curricula.

This is an ideal way of getting a group of new hires to your company trained up as quickly as possible to make full use of your invenstment in Akamai.