iHeartMedia Inc.

Akamai helps ensure that iHeartMedia’s listener base enjoys high quality programming — with high quality delivery — whether they're listening on their radio or online

"A good user experience means repeat business and good ratings. We're now in the league with the largest online brands, and we trust Akamai to help us take our own brand even further."

Brian Parsons, VP of Technology, iHeartMedia Inc.
Clear Channel Customer Testimonial

iHeartMedia’s network is approx 1,200 radio station websites. More than 500 of these sites are streaming live online content. Their challenge is to provide the same high quality of experience for their listeners that tune in online, especially as their online audience continues to grow much more rapidly than they ever expected.

Consumers’ expectations for high quality programming that downloads quickly and streams smoothly are only going up. In the past, iHeartMedia was juggling multiple vendors. However, these companies just weren’t able to keep up with their rapid growth or support their streaming and infrastructure needs. iHeartMedia chose Akamai as an exclusive provider because of their ability to scale and deliver faster downloads.

As a result, the streams are delivered with better quality and are more reliable. Working with Akamai, iHeartMedia was able to streamline and simplify their operations. By leveraging Akamai’s broad menu of services, coupled with their ease of implementation, iHeartMedia has also been able to accelerate their development of unique and diverse programming.