Cloud Hosting

The market for cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is booming, as service creators continue to invent new and better SaaS solutions for consumers and businesses. Part of what's driving the boom is the fruitful division of labor that's evolved between SaaS application developers on the one hand and cloud hosting providers on the other.

Cloud Hosting Benefits for SaaS Application Developers

SaaS companies are often choosing to have their SaaS clouds hosted and maintained by third party cloud hosting providers rather than hosting the clouds themselves. For companies that develop and market SaaS applications, cloud hosting offers compelling benefits:

  • Cloud hosting enables SaaS developers to avoid the substantial capital expenditures associated with running a cloud service (particularly, data center facilities and hardware).
  • Using a cloud hosting provider lets SaaS application creators get to market faster with new services.
  • Cloud hosting providers offer cloud computing infrastructure management expertise that SaaS creators may lack.
  • Large cloud hosting services can run a SaaS creator's applications in multiple datacenters, thereby improving service resiliency and reducing service latency for end users.
  • Using a managed cloud hosting provider to handle day-to-day maintenance of the cloud frees a SaaS developer to focus on core business objectives like creating compelling applications and delivering superior customer service.

Cloud hosting is not limited to public clouds. Enterprise cloud developers sometimes opt for having their private cloud hosted by a third party hosting service. Hosting services typically offer private cloud hosting solutions that provide either physical or virtual segregation of the cloud within the hoster's data center.

Cloud Hosting Services from Akamai

Akamai owns and operates the world's largest content distribution and application acceleration network, spanning more than 175,000 servers in over 100 countries. Our managed cloud network of intelligent storage and distribution servers delivers up to 30% of global Internet traffic at any given time.

For businesses in the market for cloud hosting services, Akamai offers two types of solutions:

  • If your cloud application is oriented toward providing end users with media content such as video or music, Akamai Media Delivery Solutions offer the opportunity to have your origin content stored and distributed from within the global-spanning Akamai Intelligent Platform™. These fully managed cloud storage services and cloud delivery optimization services put your media content within a single network hop of 90% of Internet users worldwide. Along with cloud storage and distribution, Akamai can also provide inline packaging and transcoding services for video content, digital rights enforcement, and real-time analytics.
  • If you have developed other types of cloud applications and intend to use a third party cloud hosting provider, Akamai Web Performance Solutions and Akamai Cloud Networking Solutions can accelerate the delivery of your application from the third party cloud hosting provider to your end users worldwide. By using the advanced caching, routing, and content optimization capabilities of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, you can ensure that your cloud application performs well for end users anywhere, anytime, on any type of device.

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