Cloud Migration

Seamlessly secure and deliver a digital experience built on web applications deployed on-premises, in a hybrid cloud environment, or across multiple cloud providers.


The cloud journey, at your pace

Every organization is at a different place in their cloud journey and needs a different mix of on-premises and cloud. Build a hybrid cloud environment that meets your needs, with on-premises and cloud-based assets where they make sense for your business strategy.

The right cloud, for the right job

Each cloud provider offers a different set of capabilities, as well as different strengths and weaknesses. Deploy your applications across multiple cloud infrastructures or use multiple providers across your organization to fashion a stronger cloud strategy.

Tie together your digital experience

Modern web apps are complex with many moving parts. Develop components where they can leverage the cloud capabilities they need and then connect the pieces together to build a more seamless digital experience for your users.

Empower your developers

Empower your developers and application teams to use the right tools for the job, whether it means putting their project on cloud provider A or cloud provider B. Integrate your digital experience across multiple providers to scale operations without slowing down development.

Scale your security team

Use a single set of security controls to protect web applications wherever they are deployed – both today and in the future – to maintain a consistent security posture, reduce training needs, and scale your security team to keep up with your business.

Ensure peak readiness

Organizations need to know that your application environment can scale to meet the needs of your critical peak events. Akamai can help you understand how your applications will perform under massive load to identify and fix potential issues and ensure peak readiness.

Solution Architectures



Optimize the performance of your web applications using Akamai's intelligent edge platform to deliver superior digital experiences across web, iOS, and Android apps – regardless of whether the applications are deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or across multiple cloud providers.

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Kona Site Defender

Protect web apps deployed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments from DDoS and web application attacks. Leverage a single security configuration to maintain a consistent security posture regardless of location, and integrate with CI/CD processes to simplify operations.

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API Gateway

Manage, monitor, and scale APIs that connect and power your web applications. Control access, policy, and traffic at the edge to simplify traffic flow and management and increase the performance of your APIs, regardless of where your applications are located.

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Bot Manager

Identify, categorize, and manage automated bot traffic interacting with your web applications. Manage the business and IT impacts from bots, including credential stuffing, web scraping, inventory grabbing, and good bot management.

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Test the scalability of your hybrid and multi-cloud environments to ensure readiness for peak traffic events. Real-time analytics and customizable dashboards provide actionable intelligence to perform root-cause analysis on discovered issues.

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Application Load Balancer

Load balance web traffic across on-premises and cloud-based applications. Define multiple configuration scenarios and quickly switch between them with a single click or API call, or failover automatically in response to outages with a cloud provider.

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Phased Release Cloudlet

Reduce complexity and gain control over the user experience in your cloud architecture and delivery strategy by moving business logic for redirects and traffic segmentation to the edge. Perform phased releases and migrations by region, page, device, or other characteristics.

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Edge Redirector Cloudlet

Offload large volumes of URL redirects to the Akamai edge to simplify management, reduce the time required to redirect, and reduce original infrastructure requirements.

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