Akamai Privacy Principles

Akamai is committed to protecting the personal information Akamai collects in the course of managing its business operations and providing its solutions to business customers and consumers.

Notice and Choice: When Akamai collects and processes personal information on its own behalf, Akamai is committed to providing reasonable notice about the types of information collected and how Akamai will use the information. Akamai is also committed to providing individuals with reasonable choices about the collection and use of their personal information that Akamai collected on its own behalf.

Respect for Context: Whenever Akamai collects personal information, Akamai is committed to using that information only for purposes that respect the context in which Akamai collected the information.

Data Access: Akamai is committed to providing individuals with reasonable access to the personal information that they provide directly to Akamai.

Data Integrity: Akamai is committed to taking reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that Akamai collects on its own behalf is accurate and up to date.

Data Security: Akamai is committed to protecting personal information against loss and unauthorized access and use.

Accountability: Akamai is committed to living up to its legal obligations across the globe and its commitments to its business customers and consumers. Akamai is committed to implementing reasonable policies and procedures to promote these Principles and all of Akamai’s commitments regarding the processing of personal information.