Akamai is committed to operating at the highest level of excellence, honesty, fairness, and integrity. It is the responsibility of everyone on the Akamai team to make decisions and take actions in a manner that fully honors Akamai's commitment to these values. 

Akamai will always: 

Work as a team to understand, anticipate, and satisfy customer and marketplace needs, while responding to customers with world-class service. 

Pursue innovation to continually improve customer value. 

Maintain the security of customer information and ensure their trust in us. 

Encourage employee innovation, initiative, and appropriate risk taking. 

Foster a work environment that attracts, challenges, motivates, and retains high caliber employees. 

Demonstrate professionalism and respect for employees, customers, business partners, and competitors. 

Conduct our business with the highest level of ethics, integrity, and fair competitive practices, and adhere to the highest standards in the accuracy of our financial reporting and corporate governance practices. 

Communicate openly and honestly. 

Measure our progress and deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders, while striving for excellence in all we do. 

Strive to deliver free cash flow and profits in line with our shareholders’ expectations. 

Have fun.

Akamai will never: 

Dismiss ideas from any source without consideration. 

Promise what we cannot deliver. 

Violate the trust of customers, their clients, business partners, employees, or shareholders. 

Allow any illegal, unsafe, or abusive behavior in the workplace, including harassment or discrimination of any kind. 

Veer from our Statement of Purpose and Guiding Principles

We also have a variety of individual policies to govern our conduct in specific situations. And, we developed this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to provide an overview of our policies as well as additional guidance to ensure that we consistently conduct business in a manner that is above reproach. We expect every employee, director and individual advisory board member to exercise the hightest level of excellence and integrity and to comply with the Guiding Principles, this Code, Akamai's policies, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is key to helping ensure that we continue to be successful in the future.

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