Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing delivers big benefits to its users and places heavy demands on its underlying infrastructure. For cloud providers, developing a sturdy cloud architecture can go a long way toward ensuring the success of your cloud service.

What Cloud Architecture Must Provide for Service Users

Much is asked of cloud computing architecture. To support a cloud service that users will adopt and remain loyal to, cloud architecture must deliver:

  • Exceptional availability and performance. When users try a cloud service, they're typically doing so as an alternative to having an application run directly on their desktop or other connected device. If a cloud-based service doesn't provide an experience comparable in reliability and speed to an on-device application, users won't stick with it. The burden falls on the cloud architecture to deliver exceptional application availability and performance.
  • No-doubt security. A cloud service won't thrive unless customers and prospective customers are confident that their sensitive data is secure within the service. It's incumbent on the cloud computing infrastructure to safeguard against data loss, destruction, and theft.

Cloud designers and implementers do all they can within the data center to ensure that their cloud architecture is capable of meeting these mission-critical objectives. But the inescapable reality of cloud computing is that a critical component of cloud architecture is the public Internet, with all its limitations and vulnerabilities.

How Akamai Can Help Your Cloud Architecture Deliver

Akamai pioneered the business of accelerating content delivery across the Internet and remains the industry leader. Our global cloud network for content and application acceleration spans 216,000 servers in more than 120 countries and carries a sizable percentage of the world's Internet traffic.

If you're building a public or private cloud, or seeking to update and enhance an existing cloud architecture, Akamai can help you. Here's how:

  • By having your cloud application delivered through the global Akamai Intelligent Platform, you can ensure high application availability and fast performance for service users anywhere in the world, connecting with any type of device. Akamai uses a range of complementary techniques—including IP network optimization, TCP optimization, globally distributed server load balancing, and intelligent caching of dynamic as well as static content—to ensure the best possible experience for your service users. We offer our customers a 100% global availability SLA and a 100% global performance improvement SLA.
  • Akamai offers internet security solutions, layered over the Akamai Intelligent Platform, that can protect your cloud service against contemporary threats such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and many more.

The Akamai service is cloud-based and easy to use, and includes web-based cloud management software that provides real-time visibility into application performance.

Learn more about why Akamai should be part of your extended cloud architecture.