Cloud Management Software

Cloud computing delivers big benefits to users and enterprises but poses big management challenges for IT groups. The right cloud management software solutions can help your team meet these challenges and maximize the business value of the clouds that you manage.

What to Look for in Cloud Management Software

Cloud management software works on top of a highly virtualized server, storage, and network infrastructure to deliver the core functionality and benefits of cloud computing. Cloud management software, sometimes bundled into an integrated cloud management platform, should include support for these capabilities:

  • Automated provisioning and deprovisioning of virtual machines based on service demand.
  • Policy-based automated deployment and optimization of application workloads across the virtualized cloud computing infrastructure.
  • The ability to create, publish, and maintain a cloud services catalog.
  • A self-service interface through which business users can invoke cloud services.
  • Multi-tenant service metering and billing (or chargeback).

Another key element of cloud management—absolutely critical in order to ensure a good experience for service users—is application performance monitoring (APM). Conventional cloud management software may struggle to provide effective APM capabilities due to the highly distributed cloud architecture that must be monitored, especially for enterprises that use a combination of multiple private and public cloud services. In these hybrid cloud environments, often the only common thread is that all the individual cloud applications are delivered to end users over the Internet.

Akamai Enhances Cloud Management with Global Visibility into Cloud Performance

Akamai helps organizations get better performance from private, public, and hybrid cloud services by leveraging the global Akamai Intelligent Platform—with its more than 216,000 servers in over 120 countries—to accelerate application delivery and safeguard applications against internet security threats. Akamai's managed cloud services support comprehensive application acceleration methodologies including IP network routing optimization, server load balancing, connection pooling, TCP optimization, inline mobile content optimization, inline video transcoding, and more.

To support our clients' cloud management needs, Akamai provides our Cloud Monitor technology, a cloud-based push API service that delivers transaction and security event data from the Akamai Intelligent Platform into your central cloud management software platform and reporting environment.

With the Akamai Cloud Monitor you can:

  • Integrate transaction and security data from multiple private and public cloud services into a central cloud management environment.
  • Monitor service performance and end user experience across all the private and public cloud services that your organization uses.
  • Ensure that the private and public cloud services you use are meeting SLAs.

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