Cloud Management

Cloud computing affords enterprises the opportunity to use information technology in a more efficient and flexible manner than ever before. But the heralded benefits of the cloud are not automatic or guaranteed. Careful cloud management is critical to realizing the promise of this new paradigm for deploying and delivering IT services. Foremost among the challenges that cloud management poses for today's IT administrators is the need to ensure high performance and security for cloud services.

Cloud Management: The Challenges Around Performance and Security

Operators of cloud services—whether enterprise IT groups running private clouds or cloud computing companies operating public cloud services—face a range of cloud management challenges including capacity planning, optimizing physical and virtual resource usage, standing up and operating a self-service portal for end users, and implementing a metering and charge-back system. But for the ultimate success of the service, no cloud management challenges are more important than ensuring that the service is secure and that it performs well for end users.

What makes performance and security vexing issues for cloud management professionals is the integral role of the public internet in cloud computing architecture. Indeed, together with the database, application, and web tiers, the public internet itself can be regarded as the "fourth tier" of cloud application delivery infrastructure. This is true not only for public clouds but also for private clouds operated by large enterprises, where enterprise personnel may access private cloud applications from anywhere in the world, at any time, from a variety of internet-connected devices.

Cloud applications serving the public or large enterprises unavoidably depend on the public internet, with its inherent variability and vulnerability. The key question for cloud management is: How to optimize performance and security for cloud applications delivered across the internet?

Cloud Management Solutions from Akamai

Akamai is the established leader in optimizing the delivery of web content and applications so that end users enjoy a fast, dependable web experience from any place, at any time, on any device. Leveraging the Akamai Intelligent Platform—which spans more than 175,000 servers in over 100 countries—Akamai Web Performance Solutions is a suite of managed services geared specifically to accelerating and securing the delivery of cloud applications. You can look at Web Performance Solutions as the cloud service that helps you drive better performance from your own cloud services.

With Akamai Web Performance Solutions you can:

  • Accelerate the delivery of web applications and other IP-based applications to users worldwide, improving the end user experience and boosting service adoption and user productivity.
  • Improve service availability and responsiveness by leveraging automatic global load balancing across multiple data centers.
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into service usage and end user experience.
  • Pair Web Performance Solutions with Akamai's Web Security solutions to safeguard cloud applications against cyber security threats such as a denial of service attack, SQL injection, or cross-site scripting.
  • Improve your end users' experience with private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud services.

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