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Akamai seeks to ensure a responsible supply chain through engagement in mutually beneficial relationships with diverse, environmentally and socially conscious, and responsible suppliers.

Akamai’s Responsible Supply Chain Program is designed to engage and monitor our suppliers to align with our corporate goals and values in the areas of ESG. Together, we look to partner with businesses to help mitigate supply chain risks, create opportunities for diverse representation, protect our stakeholders, and inspire better business.

The fundamental goal of our Responsible Supply Chain Program is that we and our suppliers are aligned in the ESG values and goals that Akamai is committed to as a company. 

For more information on our Responsible Supply Chain Program, contact

Akamai Guiding Principles for Suppliers and Partners

Supplier Diversity Program

Our Supplier Diversity Program seeks to identify and engage with suppliers for a wide range of products and services compatible with Akamai’s current needs, including office supplies, computer equipment and peripherals, office equipment maintenance and repair, food service, and printing.

Is your company eligible?

Akamai selects suppliers based on their ability to consistently deliver the best overall value in terms of high-quality products, professional services, and competitive pricing, as well as a proven track record for ongoing and proactive customer support.

To be considered for participation in Akamai’s Supplier Diversity Program, suppliers must register with us and certify the company’s small business diversity status. Here are some helpful links for information on small business and small disadvantaged business status, and certification organizations and sources that Akamai recognizes: