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Protect Your Site from Script Attacks

Get the insights you need to strengthen the integrity of your web pages.

Your organization depends on JavaScript to deliver dynamic and personalized user experiences, easy payment processing, visitor retargeting, and so much more. With this increased use and dependency on scripts, you may not know how vulnerable your scripts are to malicious code injection — putting your organization at risk for expensive and reputation-damaging client-side attacks.

The page integrity report will provide a snapshot of potential security blind spots and show how Akamai can help you prevent Magecart and other script attacks.

In this report, you will:

  • Tally the total number of scripts running on your web page
  • Discover how many third-party scripts are currently running on your web page
  • Learn the impact of medium/high-risk third parties on your website’s security
  • Gain insight into the risk of using source and destination domains on your website’s sensitive data
  • See how scripts are affecting your website’s overall performance

Complete the form to receive your complimentary page integrity report.

To request a report, enter a URL in the Business Website field. (You may want to generate multiple reports; i.e., home page, account creation page, login page, etc.)

To consider multiple domains as the first party, enter them in the First Party Domains field. For example, if your URL is you could enter "mywebsite,mycdn" in the First Party Domains field. If you do not enter any value in this field, the domain from the URL will be considered the only first-party domain.