Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise cloud services provide far-reaching benefits to organizations that implement them. They also present substantial challenges. Akamai can help you maximize the benefits and meet the challenges associated with building and running enterprise cloud services.

Enterprise Cloud Services Benefits

The benefits of enterprise cloud services are best seen in comparison to public cloud computing services on the one hand and traditional corporate IT infrastructures on the other. Compared to public cloud services, private enterprise cloud services provide:

  • Control. The main appeal of enterprise cloud services is that they offer complete control over how the services are designed, built, operated, used, and secured. Concerns about data security in cloud computing are often the main consideration that leads enterprises to build their own clouds rather than use public ones. Whether public clouds are in fact less secure than private ones is a topic of debate, but it can't be denied that a private cloud empowers an enterprise to be master of its own fate when it comes to security.
  • Transparency. Compared to public cloud services, a private cloud provides an enterprise deeper visibility into service usage and system performance.

Compared to traditional corporate IT infrastructure, a private cloud computing infrastructure provides:

  • Agility. Because enterprise cloud services utilize a highly virtualized and flexible infrastructure, and because they provide self-service capabilities to business users, these cloud services offer an unprecedented degree of IT responsiveness to ever-changing business needs.
  • Efficiency. A key part of the enterprise cloud operational model is that each business unit's use of the cloud services is closely tracked so that it can be charged back (or at least reported back) to business unit managers. This encourages efficient use of IT resources, whether it's enterprise cloud storage services, development platform and test services, or any other shared IT resource.

How Akamai Can Boost Your ROI on Enterprise Cloud Services

Some of the biggest challenges associated with implementing enterprise cloud services stem from the fact that such services are typically delivered to end users over the internet—especially in the case of large enterprises with geographically dispersed workforces. The use of the Internet as a delivery platform for business applications naturally raises concerns about availability, performance, and security.

Akamai has long been and remains the clear leader in optimizing the delivery of web content and web-based applications to end users around the world. As more business applications have moved online, enterprises have capitalized on Akamai's services and expertise to accelerate application delivery to far-flung, mobile workforces. Along with proven solutions to accelerate the delivery of your enterprise cloud services—complete with 100% availability and 100% performance improvement SLAs—we also offer:

  • Cloud-based security solutions that provide defense-in-depth against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and other cyber security threats.
  • Dynamic, real-time optimizations of mobile content for display on any major device type.
  • Web-based cloud management software that provides real-time visibility into service usage and performance.

Learn more about how Akamai can improve your return on your enterprise cloud services investment.