SPS Secure Business

SPS Secure Business

Enterprise-grade defenses for small and midsize businesses that are effortless to use

SPS Secure Business helps small and midsize businesses (SMBs) protect their data assets and reputations with a simple service that blocks security threats and filters inappropriate content. Every device is always covered, including phones and computers used by contractors and guests, and even point-of-sale terminals, cameras, and other IP-connected devices.

Deployment options

A cloud version of Secure Business deployed and managed by Akamai reduces capital investment and time to market. A licensed software option managed by providers is also available.

Customizable services

Providers control the user experience. They can create a brand-aligned look and feel, tailor features to their unique market needs, and tune threat intelligence to match local requirements.

Visible value for subscribers

SMBs can see the service is protecting them through a graphical portal that displays threat activity.

Go-to-market resources

Sample marketing assets and messaging documents provided by Akamai kick-start provider marketing efforts.

Agile defenses

Data science techniques applied to livestreamed data gathered from DNS resolvers at ISPs worldwide yield intelligence that’s responsive to today’s fast changing threats.

Comprehensive coverage

Machine learning applied to massive volumes of global DNS data uncovers malware, phishing, and other threat activity that can be missed by traditional security forensics.

Better precision

Specialized algorithms and databases used to validate threats eliminate false positives that disrupt the subscriber experience and generate costly support calls.

Automated updates

Continuous networkwide threat updates ensure the latest threat intelligence is always protecting SMB customers.

Easy and effective security

Everybody and every device at a workplace are protected with security defenses like enterprise networks have, without any software installation or configuration.

Simple content filters

Managers can quickly configure optional filters to block content that’s not suitable at work, or time-based filters that govern when websites such as social media are accessible.

Insights and control

Graphical portal available through any browser shows what’s happening on each SMB network and supports templates that make it painless to configure optional features.