Gartner 2019 Critical Capabilities for Cloud WAF Services

Page Integrity Manager

Strengthening web page integrity by detecting and mitigating script vulnerabilities

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Protect against Magecart and other script attacks






Behavioral detection technology

Detecting suspicious and malicious script behavior is the most effective way to discover and mitigate in-browser attacks. Page Integrity Manager instruments real-user sessions to monitor script behavior in real time, including the source, execution behavior, and any outgoing network destinations.

Prioritized real-time alerting

Behavioral heuristics assign risk scores for every script based on factors such as number of users affected, data accessed, and export destinations. Page Integrity Manager then provides real-time alerting to prioritize the highest-risk events with detailed information needed to mitigate.

Intuitive dashboards and reports

Configurable dashboards provide an intuitive view into every script running on your web pages to provide security teams with details at a glance, including script categories and counts, and incident types and counts. Reports show incident, policy violation, and CVE match summaries.

Policy management

Govern script behavior and control runtime JavaScript execution by creating script behavior policies that monitor and/or restrict access to cookies, network destinations, local storage, or sensitive data inputs per originating domains.

Vulnerability detection

Continuously analyze first- and third-party URLs for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) to identify risky script sources that can be either correlated with malicious script behavior or blocked outright with a single button.

Flexible deployment options

Page Integrity Manager offers both edge and origin injection deployment models to protect every website, including those not on the Akamai platform. Enable Page Integrity Manager at the edge for fast and seamless deployment without requiring application changes.