Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a growing threat for content delivery network (CDN) administrators. A DDoS CDN attack uses malware to take control of thousands of computers, often referred to as botnets, and direct them to flood a particular CDN with so many requests that it cannot adequately respond to legitimate traffic. For a CDN provider, a DDoS CDN attack can severely degrade or interrupt content delivery, slowing productivity, damaging replication and impacting the bottom line. DDoS attacks are particularly damaging to a streaming video or VoD CDN, where users expect broadcast quality video on demand.

DDoS CDN attacks are growing not only in frequency and sophistication as well. DDoS hackers continually find new ways to penetrate security measures and find their way around traditional firewalls in the CDN architecture. Recent attacks, for example, have targeted the application layer instead of the network and transport layers. For CDN administrators who want superior protection against DDoS CDN threats, Akamai offers Kona DDoS Defender.

Stop DDoS CDN attacks with the Akamai

Akamai is a leading provider of CDN cloud services that enable organizations to provide the best online experiences for users on any device, anywhere. Akamai Kona DDoS Defender leverages the globally distributed Akamai CDN platform to defend against CDN DDoS attacks. Architected to deliver both superior security and performance, Kona DDoS Defender enables administrators to continually provide users with the best online experience – even during a DDoS CDN attack.

Kona Kona DDoS Defender combines automated DDoS protection capabilities with expertise from the staff at Akamai's 24X7 security operations center (SOC) to defend enterprises and administrators from the largest and most sophisticated DDoS CDN attacks. Adaptive rate controls that mitigate common attacks within seconds are integrated with the ability of Akamai SOC experts to detect, analyze and respond to the latest in sophisticated DDoS CDN attacks as they arise. By coordinating attack response with the organization's IT team, Akamai enables CDN administrators to maintain normal business activities during attacks.

Features of Akamai's protection against DDoS CDN threats

Capabilities of Akamai's DDoS CDN defense include:

  • DDoS attack support from a fully managed security service, augmenting adaptive rate controls to perform real-time analysis of ongoing attacks, create custom rules as needed, tune existing rules, and adapt quickly to changing attack vectors and multi-dimensional threats.
  • Adaptive rate controls that automatically protect applications and CDNs against DDoS and other volumetric attacks by monitoring and limiting the rate of requests against them. Behavior-based rules enable networks to respond to spikes in requests within seconds, mitigating slow POST attacks and selectively alerting administrators or blocking attackers based on IP address and other parameters.
  • Security monitor capabilities that provide real-time visibility into security events with the ability to drill down into the details of any DDoS CDN attack.