DDoS Mitigation

With distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks a continuing threat to websites, networks and servers, DDoS mitigation is high on the priority list for enterprise security teams. DDoS attacks are perpetrated by hackers who remotely control computer "bots" – systems that have been taken over via malware. By directing hundreds of thousands of these hijacked computers to send requests to a single target, a DDoS attack floods a website or application with an overwhelming amount of traffic, causing the target servers to respond very slowly or to crash.

While DDoS attacks are one of the older forms of cyber threats, DDoS mitigation today is harder than ever. DDoS perpetrators have changed their focus from the transport and network layers to the application layer where DDoS protection is more difficult. Methods of attack have grown more sophisticated, too – the volume of requests sent to a target has multiply exponentially in recent DDoS attacks, and most enterprise IT security programs are unable to scale to achieve adequate DDoS mitigation. DDoS attacks are also used to mask other forms of data breaches. For these reasons, many leading enterprises have turned to DDoS mitigation solutions from Akamai.

DDoS mitigation with Akamai

Akamai provides DDoS mitigation solutions for some of the world's biggest brands – the companies who understand that any degradation or denial of service can do lasting damage to revenue, reputation and customer loyalty.

Akamai Kona Site Defender is a multi-layered DDoS mitigation solution that provides unmatched web and application protection delivered through an intelligent platform with more than 137,000 servers in more than 87 countries. Without diminishing web performance or availability, Kona Site Defender extends security beyond the data center and can detect, identify and mitigate DDoS attacks before they reach the origin.

This powerful Akamai DDoS mitigation solution deflects network-layer DDoS traffic and absorbs application-layer DDoS traffic at the network edge. Mitigation capabilities are implemented natively in-path to fend off attacks in the cloud before they can reach the customer origin. A highly scalable Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides additional protection against application-layer attacks in HTTP and HTPS traffic.

Benefits of Kona Site Defender for DDoS mitigation

With Akamai Kona Site Defender, enterprises can:

  • Reduce downtime and minimize business risk with a DDoS mitigation solution that can deflect and absorb the largest DDoS attacks.
  • Maintain web site and application performance throughout attacks with Akamai's globally distributed architecture.
  • Minimize costs associated with web security.
  • Protect against new and evolving threats by relying on Kona Rules, which are regularly updated by Akamai's Threat Intelligence Team.
  • Reduce the risk of data theft with Akamai Web Application Firewall.