Read what Forrester says about the state of bot management

Preempt the onslaught of ever-evolving bots

Bad bots impersonate legitimate users, steal data and assets, and harm operations. Akamai Bot Manager gives you visibility and control over bots to help guard your business and protect the trust in your online relationships. Which is why we believe the 2022 Forrester Bot Management Wave named Akamai a Leader. It mentions:

  • Akamai’s vision is a standout, which includes recognizing the evolution of bot operations and protecting the end-customer journey 
  • Adjacent offerings like Audience Hijacking Protector and Account Protector
  • Strength in bot detection, with 16 layers ordered to minimize performance impacts, and anti-tampering features like JavaScript obfuscation 
  • Customer satisfaction with Akamai’s efficacy over time: “Akamai has done an outstanding job of identifying new and emerging threats and adapting their response”


Forrester Wave Bot Management Leader