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Prevent Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover

The economy for exchanging stolen data is growing stronger. Keep ahead.

Don’t allow credential stuffing to put an unforeseen strain on your resources or your profits. This special edition of our State of the Internet / Security report will provide insight on how credential stuffing works and what you can do to tighten your security posture.

In this report, you will:

  • Discover how credential stuffing attempts can advance to full-blown account takeovers
  • Learn about AIO applications and other tools used to steal data
  • Gain knowledge of the tools you need to better protect your company
  • Get a clear overview of recent credential stuffing attacks against leading businesses
  • See top attack sources, sorted by country
  • Get a detailed look at three of the largest attacks observed in 2018
  • Determine how to avoid operational costs such as incident response and crisis communications

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Report Preview

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