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Akamai Web Security Solution

Akamai Account Protector

Find out how Account Protector helps your real customers interact with you seamlessly while keeping fraudsters out.
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3 Tips to Prepare for Peak Traffic

Akamai can help ensure your site is ready for heavy traffic, whether it’s a shopping holiday or large sale or promotion. These key tips can help.
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Financial Services

Getting Started with SASE

Hear from Akamai’s Head of CTO Security Strategy on how to get started with secure access service edge (SASE).
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Customer Stories

Hotel and Travel


Learn how Hurb's fast growing international travel business has taken off, powered by performance and security from Akamai.
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Kona Site Defender


Mobly draws in shoppers with exciting digital experiences — at home and in stores — with Akamai.
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Healthcare and Life Sciences

NHS Forth Valley

Learn how NHS Forth Valley teleworkers use Akamai to securely access applications without the hassle and security risks of VPNs and hardware tokens.
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White Papers

Kona Site Defender

The Rapid Evolution and Growing Threat of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and frequent. Take a deep dive into the history and evolution of DDoS and learn how businesses can prepare before they become a target.
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White Paper

9 Myths About DDoS Defense

DDoS protection must be a key tenet of your overall security strategy, so being aware of the myths can be critical to your DDoS defensive posture.
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Content Delivery - CDN

Measuring Video Quality and Performance: Best Practices

Understand best practices in measuring video quality and performance to improve viewer experience and stay competitive.
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Webinar: Security Posture of Indian Gaming Companies

Learn about the criminal economics of Indian gaming companies.
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Your Money for Nothing and Your Streams for Free

This session surveyed academic literature about piracy and the ROI on fighting it. It explores concepts like “displacement” and how the bad guys make money.
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Akamai Tech Workshop: How Safe Are Your Scripts

In this session, we explore the JavaScript ecosystem and how to protect your users from web skimming or formjacking attacks, avoiding GDPR violations.
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