IP Application Accelerator

Accelerate IP based applications to users worldwide to ensure high performance, availability and reduce costs

Your business depends on the ability to deliver IP based applications to employees, partners and customers. Poor performance or low availability of these applications leads to decreased productivity, low adoption rates and higher IT support costs.

IP Application Accelerator (IPA) accelerates the delivery of IP based applications to users worldwide without increasing your infrastructure investment. IPA empowers you to focus on developing engaging IP applications and ensures that they reach your users quickly, reliably and securely.

“Only Akamai’s globally distributed network and intelligent routing are able to bypass middle-mile problems to ensure fast and reliable application delivery over SSL VPN.”
- Paul Newton, CTO,
Waters Corporation
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What is IP Application Accelerator?

IP Application Accelerator Overview

Your employees, partners and customers have an ever-growing need to access critical IP-enabled applications anywhere and anytime. These include applications accessed over SSL VPN connections, web conferencing solutions, secure large-file transfers, and remote desktop management solutions. Poor performance or low availability of these applications will lead to decreased productivity, low adoption rates and higher IT support costs.

IP Application Accelerator (IPA) speeds up the delivery of IP applications to your globally distributed users without the need for infrastructure investment. Built on the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform, it scales up to address peak traffic conditions ensuring consistent user experiences. Our 100% uptime SLA eliminates losses associated with downtime, allowing you to focus on developing applications that delight your users.

Improve application performance

Improve application performance by optimizing routes, minimizing trips and reducing packet loss.

Ensure 100% global availability

Ensure 100% global availability SLA by scaling automatically to address peak online traffic and detecting/avoiding security threats.

Extend your application acceleration

Extend your application acceleration platform globally with no additional IT build out.

Protect content and users

Protect content and users — all Internet traffic is encapsulated to maintain integrity, you can block specific IP addresses/regions and all Akamai servers are in secure data centers.

Gain visibility and agility

Gain visibility and agility by monitoring and controlling web traffic and through tools, alerts and reports.

Minimize latency by bringing applications closer to users

Your users are global and may not be close to your data center leading to increased latency and slower performance. IPA caches applications onto Akamai’s Cloud Delivery Platform and brings them closer to users. It’s built-in cache optimization maximizes the amount of application that is offloaded and reduces hits to origin servers, leading to significant performance improvement.

Protection from infrastructure attacks

IPA maintains data integrity by delivering encapsulated traffic and provides built-in security features to protect your infrastructure from attacks. This includes blocking application access to specific IP addresses and regions.

Real-time route optimization

IPA is built on the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform that delivers over 95 Exabytes of data every year. IPA analyzes Internet traffic in real time and automatically selects the most optimal path to the origin server by avoiding congestion points and outages. This results in rapid and reliable delivery of applications to users.

Simplify support for IPv6 traffic

IPA reduces the cost and complexity involved in IPv6 migration, without requiring any changes to your existing origin infrastructure.

On demand scalability to reduce infrastructure expenses

IPA leverages Akamai’s Cloud Delivery Platform to provide unlimited scalability to better manage peak demand conditions. This reduces your infrastructure spending and delivers delightful consistent user experiences.

Improve IP application performance to global enterprise users

Optimize Internet routes, minimize round trips and reduce packet loss to enhance performance

Scale automatically to address peak traffic and detect/avoid security threats

Expand application access globally without any additional infrastructure costs