Web Application Accelerator

Cloud-based application delivery for web-enabled business processes

Web Application Accelerator (WAA) is a cloud-based service designed to enable enterprises to cost-effectively deliver fast, reliable and secure web-based applications. It optimizes web performance and ensures availability in order to drive web application adoption and productivity – without the need for hardware, software or code changes. For organizations that need even greater levels of web application performance, support a large mobile audience or have multiple data centers, Akamai also offers an advanced cloud-based Application Delivery Platform.

New SaaS provider option

New SaaS Provider Option

Akamai’s new SaaS Provider Option enables SaaS organizations to leverage the performance and reliability capabilities of Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions based on their unique business and architectural requirements.

web application accelerator cloud monitor

Cloud Monitor

Cloud Monitor is a real-time, cloud-based push API service that delivers critical transaction and security event data from Akamai's Intelligent PlatformTM to your reporting environment.

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