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Security Solutions

Intelligent security starts at the Edge

The perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce. That’s why the Akamai intelligent edge security platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture — core, cloud, and edge — to thwart attackers and mitigate threats wherever they emerge. Built on the world’s only Intelligent Edge Security Platform, Akamai’s security solutions provide 24/7/365 protection for your websites, applications, APIs, and users.

Website Protection

  • Kona Site Defender

    Integrated protection for websites and APIs against sophisticated DDoS and web application attacks

    • Reduces risks of downtime, data theft and website defacement
    • Protects against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks
    • Protects against web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS and RFI
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  • Web Application Protector

    Powerfully simple website protection against DDoS and web application attacks

    • Reduces risks of downtime, data theft, and website defacement
    • Protects against web attacks and DDoS
    • Implements rule updates automatically
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  • Bot Manager

    Advanced strategies to flexibly manage the long-term business and IT impact of bots

    • Provides visibility into the amount of bot traffic accessing your site
    • Improves user experience by reducing the impact of bots on the web during peak traffic hours
    • Prevents price and content scraping
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  • Fast DNS

    Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks

    • Improves DNS response by up to 75 percent
    • Improve availability of DNS services for global users
    • Protects DNS infrastructure against the largest DDoS attacks
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  • Kona DDoS Defender

    Managed DDoS protection service for critical websites and web applications

    • Reduces risk of downtime for critical websites
    • Protects against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks
    • Fast mitigation by Akamai’s 24x7 security operations center
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  • Client Reputation

    Stop malicious clients before they can attack, based on Akamai’s visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses

    • Additional layer of defense for Kona Site Defender based on recent client behavior
    • Leverages Akamai’s visibility into attacks against other customers
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  • Site Shield

    Origin defense by cloaking websites and web infrastructure

    • Ensures web traffic goes through the Akamai Intelligent Platform
    • Complements Kona DDoS Defender to help prevent attackers from targeting the origin
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Infrastructure Protection

  • Enterprise Application Access

    Simple, secure access to applications behind the firewall

    • Centralize your security and access control
    • Keep all users off of your network and make your applications invisible to the Internet
    • Complete auditing and reporting of user activity
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  • Enterprise Threat Protector

    Proactive protection against zero-day malware

    • Get proactive protection vs. reactive mitigation
    • Instant protection without complexity or hardware
    • Quick and uniform enforcement of Acceptable Use Policy
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  • Prolexic Solutions

    Expert mitigation against the broadest range of DDoS attacks with industry-leading SLAs

    • Reduces business risks posed by the threat of DDoS attack
    • Maintains availability of Internet-facing applications
    • Fast mitigation by Akamai’s 24x7 SOC, with time-to-mitigate SLA
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Customer Identity & Access Management

  • Identity Cloud

    Mission-critical customer identity and access management to provide trusted digital experiences for end users

    • Provides a highly-secure and resilient environment for collecting and storing sensitive user information
    • Safeguards against malicious activities including fraudulent accounts and credential compromise
    • Enables brands to establish and maintain digital trust with their customers
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