Uncover the Hidden Burden of Bots and Scrapers

Nearly half of all site traffic consists of bots, scrapers, and other automated apps

Inside your website traffic lurk automated applications that can help or harm enterprise objectives. Learn how bots impact competition, business decisions, and IT load. A one-size-fits-all blocking approach eliminates the beneficial impacts of desirable bots along with the harmful effects of unwanted bots. Find out why Akamai's Bot Manager is the best solution for bot detection and content protection.

What is a bot?

Bots (web robots) and web scrapers are software applications that run automated tasks over the Internet. Bots are used for many purposes, from good bots that are beneficial (such as Googlebot) to bad bots that scrape web pages or participate in DDoS attacks.

Why are bots and scrapers a problem?

Bot traffic can be responsible for 40% or more of a website’s traffic, and much of a site’s bot traffic can be considered non-critical traffic. This burden has two main impacts on a customer’s website:

  • Business – Web scrapers attempt to steal digital content, inventory, pricing, and other proprietary information. Bots also may be used to serve form or comment spam on a customer’s site, scour sites for personally identifiable information (PII), or steal valuable inventory details.
  • IT load – The additional traffic from unwanted bots place an undue burden on IT infrastructure. Poorly coded bots slow down site performance and cause origin sources to compete and become starved from serving legitimate users.

Why do bots need to be managed?

Many bots play a legitimate role in an organization’s online business strategy. Others harm the business by reducing competitive advantage, getting between an organization and its customers, or committing fraud. Traditional bot mitigation tools typically only block bot traffic, affecting beneficial and harmful bots in the same manner – and prompting malicious bots to evolve and become even harder to detect.

What is Bot Manager?

Bot Manager helps customers better manage the impact of bots on their business and infrastructure. The Bot Manager solution relies on the simple premise that not all bots are created equal, providing organizations with a flexible framework to better manage the wide array of bots accessing their site every day.

How does Bot Manager work?

Bot Manager combines the visibility and scale of the globally distributed Akamai Intelligent Platform™ with signatures, predefined categories, and management policies that help customers manage the significant bot challenge. Bot Manager:

  • Allows customers to create categories of bots that reflect the specific impact that certain bots have on their business – whether it’s beneficial or damaging. Bot Manager includes three default category types: customer-known bots, Akamai-known bots, and unknown bots.
  • Detects bot signatures in real time as they attempt to access a customer’s website.
  • Applies different management policies (i.e. slow down access, redirect to alternate origin, serve stale data) to bot categories, as appropriate for a customer’s business.
  • Provides visualization and reporting tools so customers can see the impact various bots have on their business and IT infrastructure.

Why is Akamai Bot Manager the best solution for bot detection and content protection?

Bot Manager enables enterprises to automate how bots are handled in real time, examining bot signatures, treating each signature independently, and assigning actions to limit the damage of bad bots and retain the benefits of good bots. As part of Akamai’s comprehensive web solutions built on the globally distributed Akamai Intelligence Platform™, Bot Manager enables greater visibility and better traffic control than block-only programs. Each solution is supported by Professional Services experts who get you up and running easily and inspire innovation as your web management strategies evolve.